October 19, 2021

From the Barns: Service with a smile

We have been blessed with a couple of late August rains that will make the fall grazing season extra productive. I’ve been pumping manure on some pasture while waiting for the corn to get fit to chop and with this extra moisture it’s really taking off. I had seeded these pastures last fall and got a pretty decent stand but was somewhat concerned about the population, but those concerns are now cast aside with this new re-growth.

We’ve been on a standstill for calf working now that school and football is underway, but Nate and Drew have a plan in place for a big gathering and roundup the first Saturday with no conflicts. Linda is in charge of the food for the event and we are all looking forward to it.

Feed prices are moderating somewhat and that has spurred an increase in placing yearlings on feed. The cash price for fats is creeping up and that’s helping the outlook for feeding, as well.

By the time this article goes to print we will be well underway chopping corn. I’m concerned the first field will take a hit in yield due to all the ears that have been harvested by hand checking for the degree of maturity. Every day I get reports from several folks on what the starch layer is in the corn. Everybody is ready to get at it.

We flew wheat on several standing cornfields where we intend to use the combine for harvest. We have been unsuccessful in flying wheat on the fields where we will run the chopper. Too many tires in the field seems to kill off those wheat seedlings. On our chopped fields we will wait until harvest is over to begin seeding.

The business being highlighted “In My World” this month is Harvey Brothers in Galesburg. We’ve been doing business with these folks since our family lived in Knox County over 30 years ago. There’s always been a Harvey sitting in that timeless old chair in the office and a bunch of Harveys in the shop fixing on starters and alternators.

The coolest part of this and what makes Harveys so special: on any number of occasions I’ve had Linda drop off something that needed fixed and then she goes on about her way. Usually she won’t be back by to pick up the part by closing time, so they put the item on the old bench outside where she can wrestle it into her vehicle and successfully return home with better-than-new parts for the guys in the shop.

In itself that kind of service is unheard of in today’s world, but the icing on this cake is this: they will send me a bill. Unbelievable. No credit card necessary. No need for three forms of ID. And the extra, extra coolest thing, the ticket for the repairs will be rolled up and stuck in one of the bolt holes on the part. Who in today’s world would ever have thought of that? In my world, that’s how all deals should be done. Have a safe harvest.

Steve Foglesong

Steve Foglesong

Astoria, Ill.