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Soil and Water Management Seminar offers Continuing Education

Learn about the latest information on extreme weather and potential soil impacts at the Feb. 20 Soil and Water Management Seminar.
Learn about the latest information on extreme weather and potential soil impacts at the Feb. 20 Soil and Water Management Seminar.

Soil and water interactions will be the focus of a Soil and Water Management Webinar sponsored by University of Illinois Extension on Feb. 20. The workshop will be held at multiple Extension units throughout Illinois. Presentations will be delivered via PowerPoint and web conferencing from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch will be provided.

Those attending will hear about the latest information on extreme weather and potential soil impacts from Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford, controlled CRP burns and soil quality from Western Illinois University biologist Dr. Sean Jenkins, and irrigation water use reporting from Illinois State Water Survey hydrologist Steve Wilson. Other presenters are Dr. Kapil Arora from Iowa State University who will discuss in-field drainage management using control structures, and Extension Commercial Ag Educator Nathan Johanning to talk on field research on cover crops and soil quality.

Certified Crop Advisors will receive 4.5 continuing education units in Soil and Water Management by attending this seminar.

Registration is $45 per person, which includes lunch. Registration should be completed through the unit location where participants plan to attend.

For more information, email Duane Friend at friend@illinois.edu.

2020 Soil and Water Webinar locations, local contacts and registration links:

Decatur: Doug Gucker, 217-877-6042


Jacksonville: Duane Friend, 217-243-7424


Marshall: Jessie Soule, 217-826-5422


Bloomington: Reid Young, 309-663-8306


St. Charles: Richard Hentschel, 630 584 6166


Monmouth: Chris Enroth, 309-837-3939


Anna and Metropolis: Erin Medvecz, 618-833-6363


Freeport: Nikki Kelter, 815-235-4125


Elizabeth: Alex Burbach, 815-858-2273


Rockford: Tammy Bene, 815-986-4357


Oregon: Liz Sosa, 815-732-2191


Waterloo: Sarah Ruth, 618-939-3434


Quincy: Katie Parker, 217-223-8380


Oglesby: Bonnie Burkham, 815-224-0889


Lewistown: Christine Belless


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