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Farmweld celebrates 40 years serving the pork industry

TEUTOPOLIS, Ill. — Over the past 40 years, U.S. pork production has made tremendous advancements, including moving from outdoor lots to environmentally controlled building and raising more pork with less land and water.

The industry has seen consolidation and many other business changes. At each turn, Farmweld has worked in partnership with producers to fulfill their equipment needs and make raising hogs easier.

In May 1979, Frank Brummer, a welder by trade and a son of a pig farmer, saw a need for innovative equipment in the swine industry. From those humble beginnings and driven by a passion to finding ways to make raising hogs easier for pork producers, he created Farmweld.

“Forty years later, the Farmweld team still starts each day dedicated to listening and caring about our customers, as well as challenging ourselves to always keep improving our products,” said Aaron Niebrugge, sales manager.

Farmweld is an innovation leader. The company is on the forefront of wean-to-finish technology and designs high-quality, durable products that reduce waste, promote pig comfort and labor savings.

When pork producers buy Farmweld equipment, they enlist a team of energetic, competent people geared to help them achieve their goals. From the sales people who carefully help determine what’s needed to equip a facility to the AutoCAD operators who design a project, the welders who build feeders and the warehouse personnel who oversee shipping, customer satisfaction is Farmweld’s priority.

“We are grateful to our customers and everyone in the Farmweld family who have been part of our 40-year history,” said Brummer, Farmweld president.

“To celebrate this milestone, we have developed the Farmweld 40th Anniversary Blend coffee as a token of appreciation to those who have had a hand in our success.”

For more information on Farmweld opportunities or products, visit www.farmweld.com, or call 800-EAT-PORK.

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