About Us

AgriNews strives to be:

1. Relevant

2. Smart

3. Targeted

4. Vital

We give readers information they can’t get elsewhere to help them make better farming decisions.

The Illinois AgriNews and Indiana AgriNews editorial staff is in the field each week, covering topics that affect local farm families and their businesses.

Some of the topics the staff reports on include crop and livestock management, agribusiness and new products, market information and national and state political issues.

With field editors working throughout Illinois and Indiana, AgriNews readers receive news and advertising tailored to their farm areas every week.

Since its inception, AgriNews’ goal has remained the same. It still is focused on reporting events — both big and small — that impact the lives of farm families.

AgriNews celebrated its 40th year in 2017.

“Our No. 1 priority is our readers who get the latest trends and innovations in agriculture through our stories and advertisers,” said Publisher Lynn Barker.

For rates on print and Internet advertising, contact Barker at 800-426-9438, ext. 183, or advertising@agrinews-pubs.com.

To suggest a story idea, contact Executive Editor James Henry at 800-426-9438, ext. 190, or editorial@agrinews-pubs.com.

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