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A week before American voters decided whether the mid-term elections would deliver a red wave or a blue wave,, the non-partisan group that tracks money in politics, made a spot-on prediction: the biggest wave on Nov. 6 would be green.

Farmers and ranchers have needed a fix to our broken immigration system for more than two decades now. Not only are we still waiting on a fix, but in that time the problem has gotten worse, even as job numbers continue to grow across the country.

Every July, Congress begins to pack its collective bag to escape the scorching heat and suffocating humidity of Capitol Hill. And that’s just inside the Senate and House; outside it’s even worse.

WASHINGTON — Both legislative chambers passed their own farm bills and now face the seemingly daunting challenges of reconciling the bills’ di…

Farmers and ranchers are ready for a common-sense, bipartisan approach when it comes to federal regulations and rulemaking. It’s time for agencies to work with farmers and ranchers and to consider how their regulations impact businesses and communities every day. And it’s time for Congress to hold those agencies accountable.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Increased partisanship, less agriculture representation and a focus on drawing new district maps were among the topics cov…