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INDIANAPOLIS — Pollinators such as honey bees and monarch butterflies have been declining due to changing landscapes and the loss of habitats …

We ended the year on the wet side here in southern Illinois. We dialed in 6.5 inches of rain for the month. It doesn’t take much precipitation…

Sometimes, as I’m pulling candle stubs and melted wax from candlesticks and votive holders at the end of the holidays or a birthday party, I think about how another celebration has passed. Picking through the leftover wax, I remember the happy moments all over again.

Keep holiday poinsettias and other plants near a bright window. Water as top of soil becomes dry. Increase humidity around houseplants by grouping plants together, placing them on a pebble-water tray or running a humidifier.

Bradford pears are notorious for breaking up in high winds, but the extreme winds experienced statewide damaged many sturdier trees, as well.