Turn on the radio, television or smartphone and any intelligent human being will quickly come to the conclusion that we live in a world where ethics have been thrown out the window. The national news media is, for the most part, irresponsible to the craft of journalism.

People use words like stupid, idiot, fool and much worse to describe anyone who doesn’t agree with them. In this case, anyone is defined as family member, friend, neighbor and stranger.

I’m sickened. I’m frustrated. I’m sad.

I’m honestly concerned for the future of my country and world.

I understand the need to run campaign advertisements. I only wish those audio and video productions would teach me something about where the candidate stands on an issue instead of focusing on the real or construed scandalous escapades of the opponent.

It’s bad to see a candidate for a state attorney general be crucified for bad judgment when he drank too much alcohol or smoked some weed at a college fraternity party. It is worse when accusations of raunchy comments and behavior by candidates are so explicit that you worry a child is going to hear or see something that could scar them for life.

Marketing is good. Lying is not.

And, for goodness sake, the national news media could at least make the pretense that it is providing balanced coverage.

I’m disgusted by it. I’m disgusted by us.

We planted the seeds, nurtured them and allowed this to happen. We have all had a hand in making a mockery of the election process in this country.

The silver lining is that we live in a country where we have the opportunity to cast a ballot. We can check the box for the person who we believe is best suited for the job and unless we let it slip, no one else in the world will know for whom we cast our vote.

The people we choose to lead will make or dissolve those laws by which the citizenry will abide. In a very broad and simplistic description, the morals of this nation will be influenced greatly by those elected on Nov. 8.

Many of you will say to yourself as you read this that you would never in a million years say or do the things those elected have said or done — or been accused thereof.

But enough of the citizenry who went to the polls on Election Day cast ballots in favor of said candidate to get them elected. There has to be some level of support for the socio-political issues the elected said he or she would support or work to dissolve once sworn in to office.

I love my country. I celebrate its history. I trust the Constitution of these United States of America.

I pray and truly believe that generations to come will wake up, get a handle on the mistakes we have made and right this ship before it sinks.


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