Oh, my gosh, it is time for another column. I don’t know if it is because I’m an old lady now or because I’ve been writing this column for so long, but the question I’m asked most often is how do you find something to write about every week? Also, comments are that, at my age, I can still put a column together that makes sense.

Those are interesting questions, and you need to know that before I print a column on my computer, it has gone round and round in my head. My brain writes and rewrites a column over and over again before it is sent in to the newspaper.

In fact, sometimes I drive myself crazy, and I have to sit down at any time of day or night to free my brain of the whirling and write. Somehow, it “usually” comes out readable.

I hate other people’s columns that when you read it, you need a dictionary beside you. Having to break up the “flow” of the words makes it not worth your time to read it.

For me, I need to write a column that relates to an agricultural newspaper, as well as a local paper and readers of different walks of life.

In the issue of AgriNews on Nov. 18 and the LaSalle News Tribune on Nov. 21 was about the Chicago Cubs winning their title.

I needed a way to address the agricultural population, as well as the urban population, and the thought of comparing baseball players chewing bubble gum instead of chewing tobacco and how so many in not only the livestock industry, but others in agriculture use chewing tobacco, an issue I’ve been fighting for years — especially in regarding our youth.

After I write a column and before I send it, I’ve told you many times that “The Farmer” proofs it for mistakes. In one of my recent columns, I mistakenly — because my brain had taken a vacation — wrote the word “male,” when it should have been “mail.” Those are the mistakes he looks for.

Reading the column before I send it, really means nothing to me except I have fulfilled my contract. However, when that column comes out in print and I read it, sometimes it passes my goals and sometimes it doesn’t.

When the issues mentioned above came out and I read it, I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back because I had worried about that column. It was about the Cubs winning.

The thing I look for in columns is the ease in which it reads, and this one just zipped along.

When it is about a subject that every other newspaper is writing about with the same quotes, and all seem to read the same, I was pleased that I referred to “bubble gum” in my column, that I’m sure you didn’t see in any other media report concerning that game.

I loved the line as it appeared that the Cubs would win: “Someone, after all those gone by years, had finally roasted the ‘Billy Goat’ and Chicago would now feast.” I was pleased with myself as you are when you have finished a project.

In the end, I was pleased with myself that I had delivered, that bubble gum was better to chew on than tobacco – a message I have delivered for years to the people in the field of agriculture, especially.

If this column makes no sense as I talk about myself, remember, I’m an old lady with a whole lot more to write about. Ciao!


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