Westfield winery continues to grow

AgriNews photos/Ashley Langreck Amber Herron, general manager at Urban Vines, pours a glass of wine for a guest.

WESTFIELD, Ind. — Although he didn’t grow up on a farm or active in the agriculture industry, Noah Herron now runs not one, but two thriving agricultural businesses.

In 2008 Herron, who is a graduate of Indiana University, started Urban Farmer, which sells non-GMO seeds, plants and greenhouse supplies because of his love of farming and having a surplus of seeds at the time.

His more recent venture began in May 2017, when he and his wife, Emily, opened Urban Vines in Westfield, which is a winery and brewing company.

Herron said he enjoyed using his biochemistry background to brew his own beers and wines, which is part of the reason he decided to embark on the journey of starting a winery.

“We built it not knowing everything about beer and wine making, but we now have a wine maker and master brewer,” Herron said.

The young agriculture business was the first winery to ever open in Westfield, and it still is the only winery in the town.

Herron said when he started Urban Vines the goal was for it to become self-sufficient, so he wouldn’t have to be stuck there working long nights.

“I love doing it, right now what we make we put back into it to keep growing it,” Herron said, adding that he doesn’t even take a salary from it.

Although the winery hasn’t even been open two years, its wide selection of wines and six brewed beers, live music, kids play area, special activity nights and meat and cheese selections have already helped bring more than 50,000 people through the doors.

“We are in the right location with a lot of houses nearby. There are not a lot of places around that people can go and let their kids play outside,” Herron said.

Herron said while the winery continues to grow, including two acres of grapes that will be ready for harvest in 2020, the plans are to enjoy the company’s success the first few years, to make sure they don’t grow too big before they are ready.

To plan your trip to Urban Vines, visit www.urban-vines.com.

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