Weed control system offers triple threat

Shawna Hubbard, Enlist product manager, Corteva Agriscience, spoke of the new weed control system at the recent Mycogen Seeds Enlist Field Day at the Illinois State University Farm, Lexington, Illinois.

LEXINGTON, Ill. — Controlling weeds, particularly the growing number that are herbicide resistant, gets more challenging every year.

Corteva Agriscience’s Enlist Weed Control System aims at improving weed control in corn and now also in soybeans.

The system encompasses Enlist One herbicide, a proprietary blend of 2,4-D choline offers flexibility for an additional tank-mix option, including qualified glufosinate products. Enlist Duo blends 2,4-D choline and glyphosate.

The products can be teamed up with the newly-approved Enlist E3 soybeans with triple trait tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4-D.

Shawna Hubbard, Enlist product manager, Corteva Agriscience, spoke of the new weed control platform at the Mycogen Seeds Enlist Field Day at the Illinois State University Farm.

With more and more weeds added to the herbicide resistant list, some with resistance to multiple herbicides, Hubbard said that makes the Enlist program that much more important as part of a systems approach.

“Certainly folks in Illinois are well familiar with waterhemp and gaining additional resistance to modes of action in waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed, and the pigweeds further to the south,” Hubbard said.

“As we have those increased challenges in being able to control that, using those three modes of action post are really critical.

“It’s like in the boxing ring you want to hit someone with a few different punches and that’s kind of what we have with multiple modes of action in E3 fields.”


She added that the advantages of using the Enlist system is not only the flexibility of three modes of action, but also “what Enlist herbicides bring to the table.

“The inherent near zero volatility of Enlist herbicides I do think is a big differentiator from other products in the market and traditional 2,4-D.

“You really have a product that hopefully gives applicators peace of mind that we’re not going to have secondary movement or gassing off because of the inherent characteristics and stability of 2,4-D choline.

“So, that’s a big benefit, as well has having reduced potential for physical drift and just overall better handling, really different than traditional 2,4-D products. It’s has the efficacy that you know from 2,4-D with vastly improved on-target characteristics that we get with 2,4-D choline.”

This marks the first season the Enlist E3 triple-stack herbicide tolerant soybeans after regulatory and import approvals.

2020 Expansion

Field demonstrations are being conducted this summer at ten regional locations, including the ISU Farm, to show how the seed and herbicide system converges.

“That’s a big initiative for us right now, just making sure to let growers, retailers and seed dealers know what Enlist is all about as part of our effort to ramp up really big for 2020,” Hubbard said.

“Corteva projects E3 to be on at least 10% of the U.S. soybean acres in 2020. So, that’s a big increase with our launch here, and education continues to underpin everything that we do with the system to make sure everybody knows how to get the most from it and really maximize return on investment with Enlist.”

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