Shining in show ring

Carson Kretzmeier, an eight-year 4-H member, checks the gates on her Southdown sheep after penning them at the Indiana State Fair, while her mom, Kristy, finishes unloading feed and shavings.

INDIANAPOLIS — Most everyone has a hobby, whether it be collecting baseball cards, reading or playing sports.

For Benton Central high-school junior Carson Kretzmeier, her hobby of showing sheep requires a lot of endless hours in the barn, feeding them, walking them and shearing them.

Kretzmeier, who is an eight-year 4-H member, said that her family got into raising and breeding Southdown sheep after her first year showing them, because she had a passion for showing sheep.

“My older sister had showed sheep, but once I was in 4-H and started showing, that when we started to raise them,” Kretzmeier said.

Kretzmeier said that although she enjoys raising her sheep year-round, one of her favorite things about raising sheep is being in the show ring.

“Showmanship is my favorite part about working with and raising sheep,” Kretzmeier said.

Besides showing at the Benton County Fair, Kretzmeier also shows at several open sheep shows, the state Southdown show, the Indiana State Fair, All-American Junior Southdown Show and the North American International Livestock Exposition.

Although she only has two years left as a 4-H member, Kretzmeier said that she plans on continuing to show as a junior member until she turns 21, and then she plans to stay involved in the industry by helping younger members show.

“I want to keep working with youth to show them how to show sheep, and stay involved,” Kretzmeier said.

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