DECATUR, Ill. — A new product hit the marketplace this year that provides five-way genetic tolerance against corn diseases.

“Channel Protexus provides tolerance against anthracnose stalk rot, Goss’s wilt and leaf blight, northern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and southern corn rust,” Brett Ochs, Channel brand corn product manager, said at the Farm Progress Show.

“Those are all pretty devastating economic diseases on corn for farmers across the Midwest.”

Commercial sales were launched this year, and new Protexus products are in plots this year that will be available in the future.

“Some products will focus on only one disease but what we wanted to do with this Channel Protexus product is provide genetic tolerance to all five disease, no matter what the weather pattern,” Ochs said.

“Obviously, we have an interesting weather pattern this summer — late planting, a lot of rain early, then dry. So, diseases can vary, depending on the conditions, but this is going to give you protection out of the bag through the plant health to the end of the season.”

Hybrid maturities in the initial launch range from 97 days to 115 days and more will be added in the next couple of years.

Along with the five-way protection, Ochs said the products maintain strong yields. They are tested under a wide range of growing conditions with trials focusing on performance and agronomics, strong emergence and early season vigor, and improved disease tolerance.

“One of the first requirements to be a Protexus product is it has to be a Channel product. So, it has to hit certain yield thresholds and to be honest these products stand alone on their own just by the way they’re able to handle stress or go for maybe a little more top-end yield,” Ochs said.

“We have several different types of products there. But then that secondary criterion is really stringent looking through all of the pathology and breeding data to understand that response to disease pressure.”

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