PrairiErth Farm near Atlanta, Illinois, was the award winner in the Great Lakes area.

Good Food 100 Restaurants recognized the “industry trailblazers” for leading the way in changing the food system and their commitment to sustainability and transparency.

The 2019 Good Food 100 Restaurants Good Food Farmer and Purveyor of the Year Awards honor and celebrate up to one farmer, rancher, fisherman or one purveyor or distributor nominated by the participating 2019 Good Food 100 chefs in each region.

Winners are selected by the Good Food Media Network team based on their commitment to sustainability, transparency and advancing good food practices as well as quantity and quality of the nomination forms.

All award winners receive a certificate and a T-shirt with Good Food 100 insignia.

PrairiErth Farm is a diversified organic farm operated by Dave Bishop, his sons, Hans and Graham, and Hans’ wife, Katie. It includes 350 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, hay, vegetables, beef cattle, heritage breed pigs, fruit, flowers, herbs and bees.

“Hans and I were nominated for this award by some of the restaurants we’ve worked with in the past. It’s an honor to be recognized as a partner in bringing awareness to all the benefits of local food,” Katie said.

“It’s only awarded to farms that use regeneratively sustainable practices, which is even more special. It’s difficult for most restaurants to include organic products in their menu due to the increased food costs, but we’ve been able to work with our chefs side-by-side to find products they can highlight affordably, while telling the story of our often overlooked small farm culture here in Illinois. Oftentimes the restaurants get the local-food glory, deserved of course, but to be able to share in that recognition is wonderful and we are grateful.”

“Restaurant sustainability begins with sourcing. Good food restaurants wouldn’t be where they are without having access to good food. We’re proud to honor the producers and purveyors who are working tirelessly to support every link in the food chain,” said Sara Brito, co-founder and president, Good Food 100 Media Network.

“With sustainability and transparency at the center of the industry and cultural conversation, now is the time to recognize and celebrate the people and businesses changing the food system for good.”

The Good Food 100 Restaurants is an annual list of restaurants that educates eaters and celebrates restaurants for being transparent with their business and purchasing practices.

The Good Food 100 is produced and published by the Good Food Media Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating eaters by cultivating a conversation and community around the people and businesses changing the food system for good. For more information, visit

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