New publication series is focused on pond and wildlife management

Landowners wishing to effectively manage their property for fishing and hunting will find value in a new Purdue Extension publication series that will serve as a comprehensive guide on pond and wildlife management.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Across Indiana, there are more than 40,000 private ponds and lakes that are used for fishing and other recreational activities.

Throughout the United States, in general, people own more than 180 million acres of land specifically for fishing and hunting.

To help landowners who want to better manage their properties for hunting and fishing, Purdue Extension is working on a new publication series on pond and wildlife management.

Jarred Brooke, a Purdue Extension wildlife specialist, along with Mitchell Zischke, a Purdue professor of forestry and natural resources, are leading the project, along with a team of other Purdue experts.

Through the series, they will be releasing comprehensive publications and guides on pond and wildlife management, fact sheets, videos and a new website, which can be found at, Brooke said.

“The project is funded by Purdue Extension and will help gather and create resources on pond management and fish and habitat management for wildlife,” he said.

Brooke said the publications will be geared toward landowners who are interested in attracting and keeping wildlife on their property, as well as managing ponds.

The information focuses on Indiana, but it may also be relevant to other Midwestern states.

“One topic will focus on different way to manage forests for white tailed deer,” Brooke said.

Although the publication series still is under development, the website is up and running, and more information on wildlife and pond management will be posted over time.

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