New planter aimed at customers’ needs

Eric Broadbent, Kinze North America director of sales, points out details of the new 4700 planter on display at the Farm Progress Show. The 36-row, 20-inch spacing planter is available for 2020.

DECATUR, Ill. — Kinze Manufacturing unveiled its new 4700 planter that brings technological advancements to the narrow row market at the Farm Progress Show Aug. 27-29.

The new planter is available for the 2020 season in a 36-row, 20-inch configuration.

“This is an all new frame design. There was good customer and dealer feedback that made us want to bring this planter into the marketplace,” said Eric Broadbent, Kinze North America director of sales.

“We had a 36-row, 20-inch spacing planter which is this configuration in a 3700, but it didn’t have some of the features that customers were really looking for. It didn’t have the flex that it needed.”

Its three-section frame provides 15 degrees of toolbar flex up and down for superior ground contact.

The 4000 Series features a cast row unit that also brings 12 inches of travel, six inches up and six inches down, providing more flexibility with the terrain.

“We put it in a frame design. It’s a forward fold and what this also brings with the design is a higher transport clearance. So, we’re actually 13 inches higher on the wing wheel in transport position than some of the competitors,” Broadbent said.

“What that means is as customers or operators are approaching a railroad track or their pulling into their shop where there’s a steep incline, a decline and then a leveling off, you can get into that point of contact. So, we have 13 inches more of travel.”

The new planter has a 120-bushel bulk seed tank capacity and 600-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity.

The hydraulic weight transfer event distributes the weight of the bulk fill hoppers across the tool bar. The planter’s wheels are in front of the row units rather than the typical location between row units.

“This machine has the all new Blue Drive with Blue Vantage, which is our electronic drive with the Kinze-designed and developed user interface and display,” Broadbent said.

Down Force

As an option, row units will be equipped with True Depth hydraulic down force, which is available as a retrofit kit in addition to being available factory installed.

The 4700 on display at the Farm Progress Show featured tracks. However, the track option will not be available until 2021.

Looking ahead to the next couple of years, Broadbent said other configuration will also be coming in the 4700 series.

“We’re also going to come out with a 24-row, 30-inch spacing that will be on the same frame. Then we’ll come out with a 24-row, 20-inch spacing which will be on a 40-foot bar,” he said.

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