COLLINSVILLE, Ill. — Alexander Burkart’s marketing business has a unique take on agricultural opportunities and an unusual name to match his service: Never Industries Inc.

Operating from Collinsville, Burkart started his “missed opportunity consulting” business in 2014 after finishing his master’s degree in speech communication at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He also earned his bachelor’s there in business administration.

Here’s more about Never Industries.

What is the main service and/or product offered by your business?

We specialize in business-to-business strategic intelligence, lead generation, and strategy. We help clients identify and pursue missed opportunities to increase revenue and decrease client acquisition costs.

Please explain your business’ unusual name.

It’s named for the core values I wanted to build a company around: Challenge the status quo, test the impossible, and never give up. Put simply, I wanted to brand what it means to never give up.

As I say on my website: “If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up, challenged the status quo, or tested the impossible, you’ll understand why we chose ‘Never’ as the brand to embody what we do.”

We named it for the ones like us, the individuals that make their companies great. There is no finish line for these people. They set bigger more audacious goals for themselves year after year. They aren’t just doers, they are engineers. They don’t just get the job done, they look for every opportunity to do it better. They are obsessed with growth, disciplined in their craft, and have miles and miles of heart. They never give up.

How is your business unique from your competitors?

To my knowledge we don’t have any direct competitors that offer missed opportunity consulting.

Where we differentiate from other marketing-related services is in our ability to provide clients with answers to the things they don’t know they don’t know and which threats and opportunities to act on.

We do this by analyzing our clients’ prospects supply chains, identifying both new leads and the conversations needed to engage and win new business.

Who is your ideal customer?

Medium- and large-size business-to-business organizations, aggressive about growth, and selling to the food, fiber, and energy supply chains.

What one fact should the ag community know about your business?

We’ve done extensive research and market analysis in the agriculture space for Paradowski Creative, a 70-person, full-service advertising agency with clients like Bayer, Manna Pro, and Climate Corp.

With a growing global population, rising incomes, and changing consumer behaviors, we continue to develop our expertise across the food, fiber, and energy supply chains in order to provide clients with the actionable intelligence they need to drive their companies forward.

How do you think agriculture will change in the next 10 years?

I think the most change will come from retail and e-commerce giants like Walmart and Amazon who have built their business on their ability to fine tune their operations for optimal performance. In their pursuit for opportunities to increase efficiencies and effectiveness across their supply chains, I think they will end up creating their own enterprises, and in many cases, create new solutions that force traditional vendors to innovate or die.

Some examples to back this up include Walmart’s recent patents for autonomous drone pollinators as well as their recent entrance into the milk processing business and Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, their investment into the vertical farming company Plenty, and the fact they already have an extensive understanding of warehousing, transportation, and logistics.

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