INDIANAPOLIS — Keegan Cassady will spend lots of time during the coming year as a representative of the Angus breed.

Cassady was selected as Miss American Angus during the annual convention of the American Angus Association.

“I’m ecstatic to receive this title,” she said about her new position. “I’ve wanted to run for Miss American Angus for a long time.”

Cassady talked about becoming Miss American Angus just days after the convention.

What are your goals as Miss American Angus?

I will work toward advocating for agriculture, and that’s why I’m double majoring in animal science and agricultural communications. I am very passionate about being a good advocate for our industry, and that’s what I will highlight throughout the next year when I’m talking to consumers.

I’ve already made an Instagram page, and I am going to start a Snapchat to help advocate for the Angus breed, as well as keep people updated on my adventures.

Why did you decide to compete for this position?

I’ve known several of the past Miss American Angus ladies on a personal level, and I’ve admired their poise, friendly smiles and how knowledgeable they are about the beef industry. I’ve always looked up to them and I’ve wanted to hold that title.

Last year, I served as the Illinois Angus Queen, and I was an Angus Ebonette for two years, so that gave me a lot of experience that will help me with this new position.

Tell me about the process for this competition.

I had to win my state Angus auxiliary scholarship before moving to nationals. The application is about eight pages — very extensive because it covers everything you’ve done along with including pictures. I moved on to nationals and placed first for the scholarship, so I was automatically able to run for Miss American Angus.

What are your duties?

I will attend all the major Angus shows including the Junior Nationals to pass out awards. I will also go to banquets and events to speak about Miss American Angus or the Angus breed. In January, I will be going to the Certified Angus Beef event for a presentation about how I will talk to people about Certified Angus Beef.

It is more than just presenting awards and wearing a crown and sash. I will do a lot of different things over the next year.

How did you get involved with Angus cattle?

I have a unique situation because I don’t live on a farm, but my dad has worked for the Angus association for the majority of my life. So I have grown up going to cattle shows, sales and being around Angus breeders and my mother grew up showing cattle, so I’ve been immersed in it my entire life.

When I was 12 years old, I worked with my uncle, dad and family friends to get my first show heifer. Now, I have from 20 to 30 head of cattle, and I show throughout the year at local and national shows.

Why do you enjoy competing at cattle shows?

With my dad being in the association, I was able to go to a lot of shows even if I wasn’t showing. It was wonderful to be able to learn about what makes a great show animal, and that helped me make better breeding decisions to grow my herd.

I love showing, and I learned so much every year because each heifer has a different personality, so I’ve been able to build my showmanship skills. I fell in love with the Angus industry and the people, and I am so blessed to be able to be active in this organization.

What awards have you won in the show ring?

I won a couple of divisions at the Junior Nationals, and to me that is so cool because it is such a high-caliber event. I won my division this past summer, and after doing all the work throughout the year, it means a lot to have your animal selected.

A few years ago, I won reserve supreme champion heifer at the Illinois Beef Expo. Winning such a high title in Illinois was awesome because Illinois has such great show cattle.

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