Travis Dollarhide, LG Seeds agronomy and product manager in central Illinois, said that while there was some switching, “it was more important for people north of central Illinois to switch than it was here.”

“We can plant pretty full season hybrids here in this part of the world and still make our maturity,” he said.

Looking back at this past growing season, Dollarhide added that it certainly was a mess.

“There was late planting and people were actually planting at the end just for the insurance in some cases,” he said. “Then we got to (late August) and actually the crop here around Decatur doesn’t look too bad.

“It’s a little behind, but it actually looks pretty good. Now it will not be a record crop by any means, but if you look at what people thought they were going to get in the beginning this is much better than that.”

Turning to 2020, Dollarhide touted a trio of new corn products for central Illinois.

He said 59C72 is a new 109-day hybrid that was developed by LG’s parent company AgReliant Genetics in central Illinois. The hybrid has high to very high ratings for fusarium, anthracnose stalk rot, gray leaf spot, Goss’s Wilt and northern corn leaf blight and high tolerance to heat.

“The 60C33 Double Pro (110-day) and 62C35 Double Pro (112-day) also both look outstanding,” Dollarhide said.

He added that 60C33 has a very healthy and high tolerance to fusarium, anthracnose stalk rot, Goss’s Wilt, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and southern rust and is widely adapted east-west with best performance in its adapted maturity and north as full season hybrid.

The 62C35 features strong emergence and plant vigor allow for early planting and has very high levels of both stalk and leaf disease tolerance, including anthracnose, gray leaf spot, Goss’s Wilt and southern rust and very good tolerance to anthracnose stalk rot.

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