WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Although it’s the same organization, Indiana FFA Alumni has changed its name to Indiana FFA Alumni and Supporters.

Ross Newton, president of Indiana FFA Alumni and Supporters, said the organization decided to officially change the name this year so more individuals than just past FFA members can join the group.

“Members could be teachers, parents, grandparents and more,” Newton said, adding that opening membership to supporters of FFA and the agriculture industry will help strengthen Indiana FFA.

Besides changing the group’s name, Newton said Indiana FFA Alumni and Supporters has adopted a new initiative for the organization.

Newton said the association is challenging Indiana FFA members and supporters to participate in its 100 by 100 challenge.

“By the 100th Indiana FFA State Convention, we want 100% of FFA chapters to be connected to an FFA alumni and supporters group,” he said.

Newton said every chapter doesn’t have to have its own alumni and supporters chapter, but just be connected to one they can have as a base.

“It is challenging, but achievable. We have 10 years to do this,” he said.

Newton said the organization knows that FFA chapter advisers have a lot on their plate, and they don’t want to add to that, but rather help with it.

“We challenge Indiana FFA to step up and make the next 100 years of Indiana FFA great,” he said.

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