SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois pork producers increased the size of their swine breeding herd in the second quarter as the overall Illinois hogs and pigs numbers dropped from last year.

Illinois pork producers grew the breeding herd from the same time a year ago. On June 1, producers had 590,000 sows on hand, compared to 570,000 a year ago and 560,000 on March 1, 2019.

That increase gained a mention during the Pork Checkoff post-report conference call, as Scott Brown, University of Missouri Extension economist, highlighted increases in Illinois and other states.

“Seeing states like Iowa, which was down 40,000, Minnesota and North Carolina also being lower, but those declines being outweighed by what happened in states like Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota. To me, that is some interesting growth in those states that are outside of Iowa, North Carolina, those states that are important as we move forward and could suggest further growth as we look ahead,” Brown said.

The overall Illinois hog inventory on June 1 was 5.3 million, down from the same time last year, when it stood at 5.35 million.

The Illinois market hog herd was down from last year, as well, at 4.71 million, compared with 4.78 million a year ago.

The Illinois pig crop for the March-May timeframe was at 2.9 million, down from the same time last year, at 2.94 million.

The March-May 2019 pigs saved per litter was 10.75, compared to 10.70 a year ago.

Illinois pork producers had 270,000 sows farrow in the March-May timeframe, compared to 275,000 the same time a year ago. They intend to have 285,000 sows farrow in the June-August period in 2019, an increase from 265,000 farrowings the same time a year ago.

September-November farrowing intentions were at 280,000, compared to 275,000 the same time in 2018.

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