PENFIELD, Ill. — International Harvester will be the featured brand at the annual Historic Farm Days July 11-14 on the I&I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club grounds.

As part of the celebration, organizers are hoping to have the most IH V8s — IH 1468 and IH 1568 — at one show.

“They’re trying to have a big reunion for the 1468 and 1568 V8 International tractors and to get as many as they can there. Those tractors are kind of a novelty and were released more for fuel economy than anything,” said Tony Cler.

Cler has had his IH 1568 for about 20 years and will bring it to the show. He’s had an interest in International Harvester tractors since high school, went into a career in the agriculture parts and service industry and now farms in east-central Illinois.

“I’m kind of an International type guy with the 15 series Internationals. I guess I’ve been around it my whole life, Cler said.

Hotrod Style

These V8 machines appealed to the younger farmers of the time who liked the hotrod style twin exhausts and the unmistakable roar of the V8 engine.

The IH 1468 was produced by International Harvester at Rock Island in the early 1970s. The tractor was a 1466 model with an International V8 truck engine. The initial price was $20,400 and the company built 2,905 of the tractors.

International Harvester discontinued the 1468 V8 in 1974 and replaced with the 1568 V8 tractor of which only 862 were built. The original price of the IH 1568 was $26,980.

The DV-550 engine used was unique for the time, as while idling or at low load, the engine ran on just 4 cylinders, once more power was required, fuel was sent to the other 4 cylinders thus reaching full power, but remaining relatively fuel efficient. To this day, the 550 cubic inch V8 remains the largest engine fitted into a Farmall tractor.

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