HUNTINGTON, Ind. — For the Clauson family, Sundays are a day of rest.

It doesn’t matter what the weather looks like or what needs done on the farm. On Sunday, the family goes to church, eats dinner and takes a day off.

The Clausons received the Indiana Farm Family of the Year award, presented by Beck's Hybrids and Indiana AgriNews, in 2016. With this year’s harvest in the bag, the family took time to reflect on their faith and farm.

“People always ask how much we farm,” said Ron Clauson. “They ask how many hogs we have or how many 4-H trophies. I don’t care about that. I’m more interested in how many kids are in my Sunday school class or how many kids I affect in the beef department of 4-H.”

Combined with his sister’s children and grandchildren, Clauson has a total of 28 close family members. Of those, nine are Sunday school teachers, three are deacons and two are trustees.

“We all go to church on Sunday,” Clauson said. “Sunday is the Lord’s day. We don’t work. If there’s hay to be made and it’s going to rain on Monday, the hay gets rained on.

“Our family is our friends. Our friends are family. We get together on holidays. We eat together. We’re an old-fashioned family. Don’t get me wrong, we have arguments and disagreements. But we always find common ground and do what’s right.”

When asked why he thinks his family won the Farm Family of the Year award, Clauson said it wasn’t because of its size or sophistication. He believes it was because of tight-knit bond the family shares.

“We love each other, and we get along,” he said.

“Each of our parents farmed, and we all grew up together,” said Letitia Geller, Clauson’s daughter. “We were more like brothers and sisters than cousins. I don’t think there’s anything else that we would have thought about doing because of how immersed we are (in the farm).”

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