INDIANAPOLIS — In order for Indiana to lead the way in agbiosciences, a robust entrepreneurial community, culture and infrastructure are needed, according to a report from AgriNovus Indiana.

Entrepreneurial ventures were found to be key drivers of new technology and job creation in the report, The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Agbiosciences in Indiana.

“Indiana has succeeded in developing a strong ‘entrepreneur-friendly’ business environment by providing support tools and creating effective networks throughout the state,” said Beth Bechdol, president and CEO of AgriNovus.

“This study provides us and our statewide partners with a fair evaluation of our current entrepreneurial ecosystem and support systems. More importantly, it also gives us a roadmap to achieve one of our most important missions - to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset and accelerate early-stage companies.”

According to the study, Indiana’s agbioscience community benefits from anchor institutions, including Purdue University, Corteva Agriscience, Beck’s Hybrids and many other organizations.

These institutions are driving new innovation and technologies.

AgriNovus and its partners are positioned to build a stronger agbiosciences entrepreneurial ecosystem through several key strategies, including:

  • Building the pipeline of agbioscience entrepreneurs in Indiana.
  • Accelerating agbioscience entrepreneurs in Indiana.
  • Connecting agbioscience entrepreneurs to existing resources.
  • Developing new resources targeted to the unique needs of agbioscience entrepreneurs.

“Completing this study admittedly demonstrates how much of a challenge lies ahead for us,” said Dan Dawes, senior director of innovation and strategy for AgriNovus.

“There is much work to be done, but it is also encouraging to recognize the significant progress that we and our partners are already making in executing on some of the study’s recommendations.”

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