INDIANAPOLIS — A new book called “Who’s Running Your Farm Next?” was released this month.

Entrepreneur and executive coach Sarah Beth Aubrey wrote the book to help ensure financial independence for the next generation as roles on the farm are transferred.

This book is intended for leaders at both ends of their farming tenures. It’s a compilation of Aubrey’s 20 years’ experience from working with farm families.

“The five steps that have emerged out of my experience will enable you to develop future-focused leaders who understand the difference between strategy and tactics, ideas and goals, good intentions and actions — and know when each applies,” Aubrey writes in the book.

“Both those who have weathered the tough seasons and young people with boundless ideas and enthusiasm must pull together to become a strong leadership base that allows the business to thrive and stay relevant for another generation.”

Aubrey describes the book as a “call to action” for farmers to plan for the future of their business.

This is Aubrey’s sixth published book. Learn more at

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