Beck’s connects: Partnerships vital to seed company

Tractors bring Becknology Days visitors to fields where research is being conducted. This year, Beck’s conducted more than 100 studies and is testing 114 products and practices across multiple locations to learn how different management techniques and technologies perform.

ATLANTA, Ind. — A large crowd of farmers attended Becknology Days Aug 22-24 in Atlanta to learn about new products and practical farm research.

Scott Beck, president of Beck’s Hybrids, said the company’s focus this year revolves around connections. He addressed attendees during the President’s Message each day.

“I’ve heard my dad say, ‘You’ll be the same today as you were yesterday except for the books you read and the people you meet,’” Beck said. “We weren’t meant to live in isolation. We’re meant to live in a community.

“So, our connections with others are what help us determine our future. It’s not only meeting someone, but it’s the decisions you make based on those connections.”

Beck’s has formed strategic partnerships in several areas, especially in seeds and traits.

“We have our own breeding program in corn germplasm development,” Beck said. “The company we partnered with a few years ago is out of France, called RAGT. We cross our germplasm with their germplasm. We’re going deeper within that relationship now.

“We opened up a corn breeding station in Olivia, Minnesota. That will be for developing products with a 90- to 105-day maturity — mostly for the northern geography.”

Another important connection being enhanced is with Bayer Crop Science.

“With Bayer buying Monsanto, it created one of the largest corn and soybean germplasm programs in the world,” Beck said.

“We’re announcing this month a long-term germplasm collaboration with that company. It’s very significant. The work we’ve been doing is now going to be incorporated and crossed with the work they’ve been doing.

“All the details aren’t ironed out yet, but there’s a lot of potential in this relationship.”

On The Grow

Sonny Beck, CEO of Beck’s Hybrids, said that Beck’s has had a 9.3% market share growth over the past 10 years.

It’s now valued as the third largest corn and soybean brand in the United States.

“As you can imagine, with that growth we have to continually expand processing plants and practical farm research,” Sonny Beck said.

Projects are happening in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Indiana.

An expansion at the Atlanta headquarters in central Indiana will double the processing capacity of the facility from 3 million to 6 million units over the next six years.

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