PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. — Brian Alwan, one of the three third-generation Alwans to own and operate Alwan and Sons Meat Co. in Peoria Heights, likes to grill. He grills out for his customers most of the year from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the week at the store on War Memorial Drive.

He also likes to fire up the grill when he’s not at work.

“My favorite item is steaks. They all pretty much grill the same way. It just depends on how you like them. It’s nice to be outside and on the grill,” Alwan said.

His three tips for successful grilling at home?

1. Don’t overdo it.

“The one thing I always tell people is don’t overcook the food. Grill it to about 85 to 90 percent then pull the meat and let it rest. Always let the meat rest before you cut into it,” Alwan said.

2. Keep the seasoning simple.

“Don’t overseason it. Use basic seasonings that appeal to your taste, maybe salt, pepper, a little garlic,” Alwan said.

3. Don’t cross-contaminate.

“If you are going to do beef and chicken, do the beef first. Clean the grill. Then do the poultry. Don’t cook the poultry before you do pork or beef,” Alwan said.

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