Ag art: Silo mural brightens town

Silo art at S&W Feed Center in Greencastle, Indiana, features a covered bridge, violin, farm scene and a bald eagle. The silo art was painted by artist Andrei Krautsau.

GREENCASTLE, Ind. — Greencastle has been invigorated by a new mural on the silos of S&W Feed Center, located at the intersection of Veterans Highway and Rt. 231.

Prep work for the silos began Aug. 12. The mural was painted in September.

“This is a community-focused project,” said Chris Flegal, executive director of United Way of Putnam County and co-founder of the mural project.

“We had six weeks earlier in the summer where we asked the entire county to provide input on content and style. Lots of people participated in this. We had a good sense of what people wanted to see on the murals.”

The artwork puts the spotlight on agriculture, patriotism and the town’s unique culture.

“I think there’s a ton of pride and excitement in Putnam County right now,” Flegal said. “Our approach to involve community has really allowed members to see that they’re represented in this art.

“There’s civic pride, a sense of shared community, through this project. It’s inspirational and it brings hope.”

The rural county raised $34,000 in one month for the project. The state matched the funds with a $30,000 grant.

“This a way that public art has been used to bring together community members,” Flegal said. “We’re celebrating our heritage and our future.”

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