JUNEAU, Wis. — The Alltech On-Farm Support team has two new employee management tools — LABORPROfile and DAIRY CULT2R — that now are available for U.S. dairy producers.

The LABORPROfile test is a personality test that predicts rule adherence and reliability, while the DAIRY CULT2R survey identifies the dairy employee culture of a farm.

The LABORPROfile test can help determine a person’s reliability and tendency to adhere to rules. The test analyzes four key areas: integrity, conscientiousness, attitude and perseverance.

This information helps farm managers better understand their employees and delegate their responsibilities based on each person’s tendencies and strengths.

The results are instantly available, and all testing materials are provided by Alltech. An individual overall integrity rating for each employee is included with the results.

The DAIRY CULT2R survey helps dairy owners and managers better understand the employee workplace culture on their farm. The survey addresses four key areas: internal structures, systems, technologies, and skills and qualities.

The results of the survey can help generate discussions between farm managers and employees, and they also allow owners to make decisions about employee management and responsibilities based on objective information.

“Attracting and retaining quality labor is a challenge for many dairy producers,” said Jorge Delgado, dairy on-farm training, talent development and retention specialist at Alltech.

“The Alltech On-Farm Support team wants to help dairies to better train and equip their employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete their daily tasks. By better understanding your employees and the workplace culture on your dairy, dairy farm owners and managers can better manage and address areas of concern before they become bigger challenges.”

The Alltech On-Farm Support program provides a variety of tools and services to help dairy producers maintain profitability, maximize efficiency and train and develop employees.

Find more information about the team and their services at www.alltech.com/dairy-on-farm-support or contact the team directly at DairyOnFarmSupport@Alltech.com.


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