I wasn’t going to do this. I really didn’t want to get involved. But after putting several nights of my time into watching the Cubs playing to win and be top dogs, I’m having to write about it in regard to something I’ve been fighting regarding a part of the agriculture scene that makes me livid, especially where our farm youngsters, our 4-H and FFA youngsters are involved.

Yes, “The Farmer” and I watched most all of the games all the way through. However, I left before the end of the very last game because “The Farmer” was getting almost violent, more violent than at any sports event that I have witnessed him watch.

But battling anxiety attacks for the last couple of weeks myself, I also began to lose control as the manager of that ball team pulled one good pitcher after another out of the game, and that was hard to understand because it appeared that the Cubs were going to win with the lead they had.

Then came the tie score, and it seemed the world was going ballistic. Having left the blaring television and “The Farmer’s” non-repeatable language, I crawled into bed, pulled the covers over my ears and tried to sleep.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and with that, I put an ear plug from the radio and listened until the end of the baseball game when it was announced that the Cubs had, indeed, earned the title of Champs.

Someone, after all those gone by years, had finally roasted the “Billy Goat,” and Chicago would now feast.

But wait. Why in the world am I thinking of our 4-H and FFA kids and any other kids who were watching that game.

Why? Why was my mind wandering away from the pitches, the strikes, the balls and the home runs?

Where were my thoughts going with this?

Here is where they were going.

Finally, after years of seeing baseball players and football players and many others in the sports arena chomping on chewing tobacco, here were these all star baseball players … chewing bubble gum and blowing really good looking bubbles.

I was ecstatic.

For years, I have fought that horrid stuff in our livestock show rings. I have warned judges not to appear at a show ring with an imprint of smokeless tobacco can in their back pocket.

I’ve encouraged mothers to make it known that smokeless tobacco will not be tolerated in front of our kids. Fathers should not be encouraging their sons to use the stuff either.

It is well known that smokeless tobacco causes all kinds of cancer.

For that, I want to congratulate the bubble-blowing Chicago Cubs for their two victories. One for winning the title and the other for the fun of those guys blowing bubbles and not chewing or splitting that horrid brown stuff all over the place.

Go, Cubs, go! Ciao!


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