It’s getting more and more difficult to stay safe on our phones, computers — everything that involves communication that someone else can access.

If your local senior center holds classes, recommend that it conduct one on how to recognize scams in your email and on websites. Scammers are getting more sophisticated as they try to lure you in, making you feel that it’s safe to click a link or give information.

Once you learn how to identify — or at least be suspicious of — what you see online, you increase your safety because you know to stop and think.

Realize that phone apps are likely not very safe, especially for things like your bank, grocery store and buying things online.

I don’t often suggest brand names in this column, but in a few cases it’s worthwhile to let you know things I’ve personally tried.

If you need work on your computer, consider Geek Squad. They’re part of Best Buy.

If you have a store near you, you can go there to sign up and also leave your device for repair. Call ahead.

In many cases, depending on the problem, you don’t have to take in your device. If you call Geek Squad, they can do a remote access.

If the problem is something like a bug, in many instances they can fix it from their end while you sit at home and watch the screen. If you contact Geek Squad for any reason, ask if you need to consider getting Webroot anti-virus.

I also can recommend Kim Komando, a woman with a tech website — — full of information you need. She also has a weekly radio show. You can sign up for free weekly email newsletters that are worthwhile, full of safety and how-to information.

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