“Adam taste” is even more confusing. There were two Adam brothers who died in the 1790s. Their work is now called the “style of the Brothers Adam” or “Adam style.” It was popular in the late 1760s.

The brothers designed the building, then designed and made all the furnishings, including fireplace mantels, fixtures, fittings, carpets and, of course, furniture. The look spread to Scotland and Russia, and inspired Federal style in the United States.

The brothers admired and adapted the classical designs of Greece and Rome. They wrote a book with their engraved designs, which made their ideas available to everyone.

Pastel color combinations of green, blue, yellow, lilac, pink and terra-cotta were possible with new, affordable, lighter paint colors. The rooms had classical scenes on the walls along with swags, ribbons and plaques.

A settee in the style of the Brothers Adam – made in a simple shape of paint-decorated satinwood with a caned back, arms and seat – sold for $1,250.

As a young boy, my husband received a Popeye doorstop. He’s had it since about 1939. It says “1929, King Feature SYN” on it. Can you tell us anything about it and its worth? It’s certainly a keepsake!

Popeye first appeared in 1929 in a comic strip called “Thimble Theatre.” The character and the comic strip were created by Elzie Crisler Segar and distributed by King Features Syndicate. Popeye became a hit with readers and is still a popular character.

He has appeared in comic books, cartoons, a full-length movie featuring Robin Williams as Popeye, on a postage stamp, and on toys and novelty items.

The Popeye doorstop was made by Hubley Manufacturing Co., which was in business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from 1894 to 1965.

The date on your doorstop is the copyright date for the character, not the date it was made.

Popeye collectibles are sought after and bring high prices. The value of your doorstop is about $2,000 if the paint is in good condition.

Current Prices

Peters & Reed vase, brown, green, vines, column shape, 12 inches, $15.

Tile, horse, brown, rider, red tunic, falcon in hand, blue band, flowers, white, Persia, 8 3/4 x 5 1/4 inches, $60.

Shaving mug, cut-glass prism pattern, ray-cut base, sterling silver rim, Meriden, 3 1/4 inches, $180.

Stoneware, jar, Martaban, mask loop handles, oval body, dragon, clouds, iron stand, glazed, 35 x 42 inches, $440.

Tip: Don’t sticky-tape a top on a teapot. The decoration may come off with the tape. Secure a top with dental wax or earthquake wax.

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