Vermeer unveils new baler and more

PELLA, Iowa — Gary Vermeer’s philosophy for success was simple. Find a need and fill that need with a product built to last.

In 1971, Vermeer introduced the “One-Man Hay System” to help farmers and ranchers put up hay more efficiently. Building upon that legacy, Vermeer Corp. introduced the working man’s baler, the 504R Signature.

The 5-by-4 camless wide pickup baler is built on the three signature pillars of Vermeer balers — convenience, ease of use and durability.

“The combination of the camless wide pickup and rotor are what initially set this baler apart,” said Product Manager Josh Vrieze. “With fewer wear points than previous models, these two components quietly work together to create faster bale starts and square-shouldered, good-looking bales, all while minimizing the number of parts that may need to be replaced.”

The baler offers 80 main drive chains and stronger bearings, load ratings and torque power.

Trailed mowers

Vermeer introduced a new series of trailed mowers designed for even greater mower productivity.

The TM1210 and TM1410 trailed mowers are built for the operator who needs to mow more hay in less time and wants features that can reduce the stress of operating, transporting and maintaining a large trailed mower.

“We know there are currently many operations that rely on Vermeer trailed mowers to put up large amounts of hay, so we decided to take a look and see where we could take things to the next level for them,” Vrieze said.

While both machines maintain a 9.1-foot transport width, the TM1210 cuts at 17.7 feet and the TM1410 can mow up to 20.8 feet.

The 10-series trailed mowers are equipped with a Q3 Cutter Bar, featuring the Quick-Clip Blade Retention System and Quick-Change Shear Ring that simplify changing blades and repairing sheared discs. The patent pending 2-point Quick-Hitch can make hooking up the machine a one-person process.

Silage balers

Vermeer added two new models to the Pro line of silage-focused balers.

The next generation 504 Pro baler and the all-new 604 Pro baler are designed for operators who need the durability required for silage baling, while maintaining the flexibility to put up high-quality dry bales.

“Features such as Hydroflex control and the Xtracut17 precutting system have been very effective in baling wet hay, and we are now excited to offer those features in another baler size,” Vrieze said.

Each baler is equipped with a camless wide pickup that requires no cam tracks or follower bearings, helping to reduce the maintenance required. Four endless belts eliminate lace maintenance to help increase longevity, and large float tires are available for smoother handling on rough terrain.

Rotary rake

The RR140 rotary rake along with the TD100 and TD190 were released by Vermeer. These new hay handling tools are designed for small to mid-size operations looking for tedders or rakes to help boost hay production efficiency.

The RR140 Rotary Rake, with a raking width of 13.9 feet, is designed to boost speed and efficiency by allowing operators to rake fast in wet or dry hay in a variety of crops.

The RR140 is a versatile, side-delivery rake featuring 11 arms that are each equipped with four double tines, providing uniform raking actions that gently stir the hay for faster drying but also maintain the nutritional value of the crop. Hydraulic adjustments keep the tines off the ground, minimizing ash content in the windrow.

TD-Series Tedders: Built for speed, convenience and reliability and priced for the budget-conscious customer, the TD-Series models offer a 10-foot tedding width on the TD100 and a 19-foot tedding width on the TD190. Both models feature convenience, including tool-less height adjustments and an adjustable crank for changing the pitch angle in a matter of seconds.


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