Thanksgiving. For me, it’s about family. It’s watching grandpa carve the turkey. It’s reflecting on what I’m thankful for.

It’s a perfect wedge of pumpkin pie hidden under a cloud of whipped cream. It’s a family prayer. And it’s passing around the newspaper ads touting all the best Black Friday deals.

It’s also where my mind travels when I hear about all of the drama of the upcoming election.

While the election divides our country, Thanksgiving will bring us together. It’s something everyone can agree on. It’s a celebration of harvest and health.

Thanksgiving is about traditions. And while each family’s traditions are unique, we’re all united by the common themes of food and family.

For once, we’re not disagreeing on social media or focusing on our overworked, stress-fueled lives. We come together, as a country, to celebrate all of our blessings.

Before you know it, we’ll be sitting around the dinner table eating turkey and stuffing.

The next day, some of us will wake up early to go Christmas shopping. Others will go deer hunting. We’ll head our separate ways and continue on with life.

But it’s my hope that Thanksgiving ushers in a season of peace and simplicity for all of us. A time to focus on healing and being grateful.

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing America needs more than a cozy, comforting dose of Thanksgiving.

Erica Quinlan can be reached at 317-726-5391, ext. 4, or Follow her on Twitter at: @AgNews_Quinlan.


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