I wake up early to feed the baby, make a pot of coffee and check my e-mails. Those early morning hours are sweet and quiet, and I don’t take them for granted.

Even when the cats are meowing because their water needs refreshed and the baby already is hungry again, I enjoy the early hours.

That’s how most of my mornings start off. It may sound like a normal day for working moms, but what happens next is pretty special.

I give my baby a kiss on the forehead. My husband, who works nights, takes the baby and I head to work.

My office never is in the same place. Some days, I’m jamming to ALT 103.3 on my way to a salmon farm — yes, that happened last week.

Other days, I’m enjoying gospel tunes on the way to an industrial hemp symposium. Yesterday, I wandered downtown for Indiana Farm Bureau’s 100th birthday party.

There’s always somewhere new to go. And I love making stops in between, to try new foods and explore small towns.

In between, I sit in my office to type notes, write stories, upload photos and share it all on social media.

I’ve had strangers ask me if this is just a stepping stone, if I really want to write about farming. My answer always is the same: “There’s nothing else I’d rather do.”

I studied agricultural communication at Purdue University with the singular hope of, one day, writing about Indiana’s fields, animals and people.

And that’s what I do. Every day.

I’m confident I will never run out of stories to tell. This spring, I’m planning trips to farmers markets, county fairs and even a camel dairy.

Who knows what story is waiting around the corner?

Erica Quinlan can be reached at 800-426-9438, ext. 193, or equinlan@agrinews-pubs.com. Follow her on Twitter at: @AgNews_Quinlan.


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