Glyphosate has been sold in the United States since 1974. The weed killer has been a game changer for U.S. farmers and is perfectly safe to use on crops.

In 1995, the first genetically modified and commercially available corn and soybean seeds were planted in the United States. GMO technology has been tested and is perfectly safe for humans to grow and consume.

In 1982, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleges that soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party they both attended.

What do you believe?

We’ve seen in the last few weeks a torrent, including from the ranks of agriculture, of people, men and women, say they don’t believe Ford’s allegations and question why she took so long to go public with the story of her alleged sexual assault.

The president of the United States first said her story was credible and then later mocked her at a campaign rally.

Women of all ages and from all walks of life, of all ethnicities, from all areas of the country, have come forward with their own tales of being sexually assaulted, raped, groped and harassed.

Many of them have said they only felt empowered to come forward because other women were talking, too, and they felt comfortable, among those many women, telling their own stories.

Some of the attacks were at the hands of family members — fathers, stepfathers, other male family members. Others were at the hands of boyfriends or ex-husbands or male friends, bosses, coworkers.

Their reasons for not telling anyone immediately vary, mostly due to fear and shame and thinking they would not be believed. It would be their word against a man’s. Police would believe the man versus a young girl or a young woman, and the women would suffer more.

They now are asking the public, men and women, to believe them and to support them. They are working to refute doubt at their stories, to tell their stories so that people support them and embrace change.

What they’re asking is what those in the pro-glyphosate, pro-GMO community are asking women and men to do.

Listen to us. Hear us.

Believe us. Trust us.

Trust our word. Believe our word.

We were there. This is our story; nobody else’s.

Please believe us.

What — and who — do you believe?

And what — and who — do you want them to believe?

Jeannine Otto can be reached at 815-223-2558, ext. 211, or Follow her on Twitter at: @AgNews_Otto.


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