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Langreck: When a farm boy gets his wings

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It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write my blog this week, fighting back the tears as they well up in my eyes.

Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting 6-year-old Travis Wenning, who farmed alongside his dad and grandpa in Greensburg, Indiana.

His age may seem a bit young, but Wenning was a true farmer, who spent his time after school and on the weekends helping his grandpa drive and work on the farm’s tractor.

Even while fighting a very rare form of cancer known as bolic lymphoma, Travis would be right out in the field with his parents, helping plant seeds.

Plus, as I learned when I took some pictures of Travis and his siblings, he said someone had to teach his grandpa to work all the technology in the tractor.

Although doctors believed Travis was in remission, it turns out the type of cancer he had didn’t actually go away. It just seemed that way for a bit, until the symptoms returned.

Shortly after I met Travis for the first time, his family learned that his cancer wasn’t in remission and there were not current treatment plans for the type of cancer he had.

Even though there wasn’t a cure or treatment, Wenning did go to Riley Children’s Hospital for an experimental treatment that doctors were optimistic about.

Travis fought a good hard fight, but lost his fight to cancer on Sept. 12.

Although he no longer is with us on Earth, I am sure his spirit is flying high over his family farm, preparing to watch over his dad and grandpa as they begin fall harvest.

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