Call me out of touch, call me old school, call me a curmudgeon, call me a dinosaur, don’t call me late for supper, but not a day goes by where I’m not sick and tired of being sick and of social media.

I believe the vitriol garbage that’s vomited through social media is the root of a portion of the problems we face. It provides a mouthpiece to amp up the worst in us.

Not unlike some sports and entertainment radio personalities I’ve listened to over the years, it seems some social media types purposely state something outrageous, even though they really don’t believe it, just to spark debate. That opens the floodgates for readers to filter through the truth and the garbage.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the difference, depending on one’s own rose-colored glasses political agenda and intellect.

A mistake that I make — and probably why I have high blood pressure — is I’ll sometimes click on the comments section of a news story out of curiosity.

I started Monday as normal by catching up on the news and found that Babe Ruth’s last surviving daughter, Julie Ruth Stevens, died Saturday. Stevens was born to Claire Hodgson and adopted by the Great Bambino when he married Claire in 1929.

Stevens was 102 years old and cherished her father’s legacy, sharing her stories in print about her dad, whose Major League Baseball statistics remain among the top in the game’s history.

Being a huge baseball fan and a history nut of the game, I was interesting in reading about Stevens. It was a very heartwarming story about the life well-lived.

I clicked on the comments, figuring the section would have several anecdotes about Ruth. There were many, but that wasn’t all.

There was a debate over genetics and lifestyle, an argument over what jersey she’s wearing in the story’s accompanying photo (one calling the other an idiot), the movie Field of Dreams, the Babe’s eating habits, “honoring her memory by voting for Bernie in 2020” (you can’t make this up), “she wasn’t related by blood, no story,” and “so, what has she accomplished besides living off of her adoptive father’s name?”

There are more, but you get the idea and I’m getting sick to my stomach.

What’s wrong with us?

I know there’re glass-half-empty people everywhere. I know some and that’s their problem.

Social media provides an opportunity for some to hide behind their keyboard and spread negativity at other’s expense. They apparently want everyone else to be miserable.

Tom C. Doran can be reached at 815-780-7894 or Follow him on Twitter at: @AgNews_Doran.


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