People have different perceptions depending on their life experiences. And even when people are provided data, some will say it is not true, Grace Killelea said during a presentation at the Women in Agribusiness event.

“Don’t always use someone else’s mirror to decide what’s true for you,” said the CEO and founder of Half the Sky Leadership. “We have to realize that our expectations and our perception may not be what other people are seeing.”

For example, sometimes baby boomers struggle to connect with millennials.

“We have very different life experiences,” explained Killelea, who was born in 1959. “Until 1973, I couldn’t have a credit card in my own name.”

The speaker also highlighted the importance for women to network and build relationships to move their careers forward.

“The mistake women make is they think networking is about liking somebody,” Killelea said.

“If there is wine and crying, it’s a support group,” she stressed. “If there’s an exchange of information, power or opportunity, you’re in a network.”

Killelea, who speaks to thousands of women every year, told those at the meeting that just being confident is not enough — women also have to show people they know how to get things done.

“From my experience with working for women for over 25 years, I have found that we are our own worst critics,” she said.

And that inter critic, she said, is the GPS for women.

“It is guiding you,” she added.

Confidence can be displayed in several ways, such as, good posture, looking people in the eye and having a good handshake.

“Handshakes are the currency of men — you have to own it,” Killelea said.

Sometimes women suffer from the sin of perfection, she said.

“We want to perfect an idea, and we don’t want to say the wrong thing, so we say nothing,” she said. “Then the meeting is over, and you’re in the hallway with a brilliant idea that nobody knows about.”

I think Killelea identified several important points for women to consider. I know she got my attention.

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