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  • Always put your best farm foot forward
    Chances are you have seen or heard someone being critical of production agriculture. Some consumer and environmental groups spend a lot of time finding fault with farmers, rather than getting to know us personally and learning the truth about how we raise crops and livestock. 
  • Tips on overcoming stubborn weeds
    Resistance to herbicides has been a management challenge as long as herbicides have been used for weed control. The introduction of crops with engineered resistance to glyphosate in 1996 prompted most growers to adopt a technology that was easy and efficient. 
  • Soybeans finally in
    With the corn taking off as it is, this is a critical time in our fertility program with the beginning of sidedressing of anhydrous ammonia. This is not a new practice for our farm. 
  • Progress spotty
    Out in the cornfields, things are all over the place. The first plantings of corn around here stayed in the ground for a good two to three weeks before it all came up. 
  • Scouting, sampling
    Pulling samples provided an opportunity to scout. Weed pressure is light, stands look even and populations are on target. 
  • Rain and replanting
    This past week has seen several light rain events keeping soil conditions on the wet side after the big rain event the previous week. It appears that there will be some corn acres that will need to be replanted and also soybeans acres after the big rain from the previous week. 
  • Soy response to herbicides supplements glyphosate
    Glyphosate has been an important weed management tool for growers for several decades. 
  • Timing nitrogen applications
    Wet weather can threaten the availability of applied nitrogen. N can be lost from saturated soils through denitrification. On coarser soils, N can be lost from leaching. 
  • Weather cooperates
    A string of 80-degree days has turned a slow planting season around in the span of a week. Corn and beans planted in the last week of April are poking through the ground in around seven days. 
  • Corn finishing
    Along with the farming, I seem to spend much of my time on the mower seat. With over six acres a week to keep mowed, the Grasshopper runs almost every day. I’m also trying to get some flowers planted in my spare time. 

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