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  • Jared Finegan
    If we could have controlled the weather for the Iroquois County Fair, we wouldn’t have made it as perfect as it was. I cannot remember a year where it didn’t rain at all, and I don’t think it has ever been as comfortably cool as it was this year. 
  • Ted Mottaz
    Week 12 of our growing season observations is basically more of the same. Corn and soybeans are still progressing very well. As I stated last week, I spent the past week in Washington, D.C., and I basically got this week’s update from one of my neighbors. 
  • Grant Noland
    For the first time in six weeks, I’m providing an update without measurable rainfall for our area. Even without rain, the cooler-than-average temperatures have allowed for adequate subsoil moisture to remain present beneath the canopy, and crop conditions are very good. 
  • David Droste
    This past week saw cooler-than-normal temps, which were enjoyed by everyone. The corn crop especially benefited while most of it was finishing its pollination period. 
  • Darren Frye
    On the farm, we use plenty of filters; think of all the engine filters in your equipment. Having the right filters in place ensures that any impurities will be filtered out of the oil before it reaches the engine. 
  • Farm’s financial health fosters desired future
    Given the current state of the ag economy, many farmers want to get a close handle on their financials, especially break-evens. 
  • Use questions to set up farm checklists, goals
    When the work of planting season is complete, it’s time for more agronomic decision-making. Sometimes you have to make decisions about your crop quickly. 
  • Look at numbers behind Indiana school referendums
    Back on Election Day, May 6, nine out of 10 Indiana school referendums passed. Eight were tax referendums, where voters approved new taxes for school operating costs. 
  • Three questions to ask about your operation
    Chances are that your operation is pretty busy in the field right now. As the weather moves quickly, it’s so important to take advantage of the best possible windows for fieldwork. 
  • Celebrate state’s wetlands
    Here at the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Indiana, we are celebrating. Not because it is race time or that it’s finally warm enough to plant a garden, but because it is time to recognize a vital resource. 

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