Harvest ‘13 is wrapped. We finished corn on Saturday night, Nov. 9, and the boy ran his seven acres of double-crop beans yesterday. He was pleased with his 20 bushels per acre, but I think a little more excited about getting to run the combine with grandpa in the buddy seat.

There’ve been some long lines at Kokomo Grain in Edinburgh, and they have even cut off wet corn a few times. Here’s hoping to a smooth finish for everyone.

We will be spending this week catching up on hog work. Sent several loads of fat hogs out last week and will send a couple more out this week. Kids and I weaned hogs Friday after school — 209 off of 19 sows, so breeding and farrowing will start again this week. We will also start hauling liquid manure now and emptying out the pits.

Just as one season comes to a close, time to start thinking about the next — winter shop projects, equipment maintenance and field projects. Before you know it, it will be time to pull the planter out again.