INDIANAPOLIS — The Indy Winter Farmers Market is the perfect place for individuals to visit to beat the doldrums of winter.

Once its doors open on Nov. 9, the market, which is located in the west wing of the City Market Building in Indianapolis, will be open until April.

Molly Trueblood, the Indy Winter Farmers Market manager, noted that around 40 vendors each Saturday during the market’s season will set up shop, bringing with them produce, baked goods and jams.

When it comes to deciding which vendors will be permitted to sell their goods at the market, priority is given to produce growers and those individuals who have meat, dairy and cheese products, as well, she said.

“There will be lots of eggs, bread and baked goods,” she said, adding that some of the booths also will offer nonfood items such as soap and cookware.

The winter market, which will be in its sixth season this year, was started because farmers needed a place to sell their produce that grew during the colder months.

“It’s the only one that carries over between summer markets. We try to be the bridge for vendors with lots of product,” Trueblood said.

On average, the manager mentioned, between 800 to 1,200 visitors come to the market every Saturday to purchase a variety of produce, including leeks, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and even some jam.

Although there will not be any tomatoes or peppers for sale since those are summer vegetables, Trueblood said some of the farmers that come to the market have experimented with the way they plant and grow their produce, whether by using hoop houses or row covers, so they will have a fresh supply of vegetables for consumers.

Even though growers don’t have to be certified organic to be vendors, she mentioned that when looking over applications, she tries to select producers that follow good agricultural practices and believe in an environment of sustainability.