PARIS — Orange Business Services is delivering a scalable communications infrastructure and managed machine-to-machine connectivity services to Dacom, a high-tech company that develops and supplies ICT and sensor solutions that provide yield optimization to arable farms around the world.

The solution will enable Dacom to connect tens of thousands of devices for its agricultural customers in more than 30 countries.

Dacom develops and supplies specialized hardware, software and online advisory services to arable farms and the agribusiness. All data is combined on the same platform, delivering unrivaled flexibility.

Through its scalable communications infrastructure, Orange Business Services will collect and transmit information from Dacom’s connected devices, including sensors such as weather stations and soil moisture sensors.

By combining sensor technology, Internet and scientific knowledge, growers can continuously monitor and fine-tune their production process throughout the growing season, and crop information is easily sharable with the surrounding partners.

The agribusiness can continuously anticipate and optimize raw material supply through the consultation of field data and smart modules. This results in the maximum yield achievable through the use of agri-inputs such as chemicals, water and nutrients.