INDIANAPOLIS — For those participating in a farmers market, the key to success is striving to provide the products and services that customers want.

During the 2014 Indiana Horticultural Congress and Trade Show, James Farmer of the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies at Indiana University, said people who attend farmers markets do so for more than buying fresh produce.

Recently, Farmer helped administer a survey to more than 300 people, some who regularly attend farmers markets, and some who have never been, to find out what draws individuals to the markets and what keeps some people from shopping there.

The survey resulted in a few major findings, Farmer said.

Besides going to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, he said, consumers go to markets for recreation and leisure purposes.

“They like the social interaction,” Farmer said, adding that consumers like to hear bands play and eat kettle corn.

Another reason that the markets draw people, he noted, is because they believe in eating local to support farmers, as well as the economy.

The survey also showed that many individuals who frequent farmers market don’t generally have kids, are well-educated and have a sustainable income.

“On average, people go to farmers markets three times per month and spend $25 bucks a visit,” Farmer said.

While many people shop at farmers markets, he noted the survey also showed that some individuals don’t buy their food from vendors at the market.

Reasons for not shopping included the location of a market, time and lack of infrastructure to support Women, Infant and Children checks, as well as electronic benefit transfers.