THORNTOWN, Ind. — For many farmers, fall is a time when things slow down a bit after harvest is complete, but that’s not the case for Tom Dull of Dull’s Tree Farm.

The Christmas tree farm, he noted, is made up of 29 acres, which equates to about 27,000 trees at all different stages of growth.

People who come to the farm have the option of picking out and cutting down their own Christmas tree.

Although they don’t officially open to the public until the day after Thanksgiving, Dull noted that people usually stop before then to pick out their tree, and he was expecting several early consumers this year with Thanksgiving and Christmas being so close to each other.

“The Christmas tree crop is looking great and healthy,” he said, adding that the farm had plenty of water this year, unlike last year during the drought.

Dull added that the lack of precipitation during the summer months last year was hard on the Christmas tree operation and resulted in the loss of a lot of trees.

“Trees that were weakened last year went ahead and died this year,” he said, noting the ones that died were replanted with new trees.

It takes seven to eight years from the time a tree is planted until it is ready for market.