MADISON, Wis. — World Dairy Expo’s 2014 dairy cattle entries are open. Exhibitors can choose to enter through the expo online entry system or by mail.

Initial entry deadline is Aug. 31.

Premium Books were mailed to recent year’s exhibitors July 1. The Premium Book also is available online or new exhibitors can request a copy from World Dairy Expo at 608-224-6455.

Visit for complete event details. Dairy cattle exhibitors are encouraged to use the user-friendly expo online entry system.

Exhibitors using the online system can submit all animal entries, stalling requests, tent and booth space purchases and futurity entries. In addition, youth showmanship and fitting contest entries and judge nominations also can be submitted.

Entries must be submitted and payment transaction completed by Aug. 31. The online entry system will be available and credit card payment accepted for late entries until 11:59 p.m. Sept. 14. Late fees will be assessed for entries submitted between Aug. 31 and Sept. 14.

Exhibitors should to be prepared to enter animal’s name, registration number, 15-digit Animal Identification Number or Canadian Cattle Identification Agency Number and pedigree information. Exhibitors will be able to refer back to their entries after payment.

Exhibitors are encouraged to review the 2014 Premium Book, especially Page 71, which includes changes for this year’s show.

World Dairy Expo is recognized as the meeting place for the global dairy industry. More than 70,000 dairy producers and industry experts from 90 countries travel to Madison annually.

The world-class event includes 2,500 head of North American dairy cattle competing on the famed colored shavings, more than 850 exhibiting companies in the renowned trade show, expo seminars, virtual farm tours and youth competitions.

The expo theme is “Designer Dairy” and will be Sept. 30 to Oct. 4.