Wow, what an amazing week! I truly can’t remember the last time I was this content in July with the weather and the condition of the crops at the same time. I have taken several drives this week in and out of Johnson County, and Indiana is a beautiful place. The crops, yards and flowers are just thriving this year. The skies are a bright blue with white, fluffy clouds and shades of green for as far as the eye can see — such a huge difference from the way the state looked last year at this time.

Lots of roadside mowing going on this week around the county, something we have been doing and needed to do a lot more this year with the way everything is growing. Still hauling liquid manure cleaning out the hog barn pits, as well as working on other projects around the farm. Hard to believe it is time to start thinking about getting things ready for harvest, but it is. We are replacing our semi scales, so currently that is a high priority to get finished. Have seen some crop dusting in the area. They never cease to amaze me, no matter how many times I see them. I always stop what I am doing to watch. Many hay producers are well into their second cutting. Some even finished.

Last week during our fair, there was some talk of corn starting to roll, but the rain and cooler temperatures have definitely put a stop to that. We started the week with a very local 1.5-inch rain — two miles north or south didn’t get that much — and ended Saturday with a half-inch pretty widespread rain.