The growing season continues to amaze me and my fellow area farmers. Just as we were starting to get a little dry with yards showing some stress, we got about 2 inches of rain for the week. The corn potential is fairly well set as long as it doesn’t get blown down or ripped to shreds by wind or hail.

If there has been a concern, it would have to be the number of relatively cool temperatures, especially at night. The one thing aside from the rainfall that I believe has been very beneficial this year is the quality of sunlight. We have had a majority of the days with excellent sunlight. In past years, we had concerns about not having enough quality sunlight, which may have had a slight effect on the top-end final yield.

Judging the potential of the soybeans is a tougher call. As I said last week, they have made a tremendous surge in setting of pods and are just looking great. I have not noticed any insect or disease pressure — we did spray all our soybeans with fungicide. Just as in corn, I have the same environmental and weather concerns the rest of the season for the soybeans.

This should be an interesting week coming up as I was chosen to participate in Leadership at Its Best (Leadership Academy I) in Greensboro, N.C. This is co-sponsored by Syngenta and National Corn Growers Association. There will be 16 corn growers from across the U.S. I felt honored to be invited to participate. I am hoping that they are able to teach old dogs new tricks. Have a safe and rewarding week.