It is Iroquois County Fair week. I cannot believe it is already here. Time really flies by when you start spring about a month later than you would like. Well, history would say that there is a good chance for rain at least near the fairgrounds. I hope that holds true, but the forecast doesn’t look good for rain — just heat. I’m sad to report that my little part of the world is getting pretty dry.

The corn has been spending most of these hot days trying to protect itself with its leaves all rolled up. Luckily, it has a break with the cooler nights for it to do its growing and, hopefully, pollinating. If it keeps getting cooler at night all through pollination, we may be OK. Most of the cornfields have been really uneven with the shooting of tassels. But a lot of the earlier-planted corn is full tassel and silks. The good news is that I have not seen or heard of many insects out in the corn.

We finished up a second trip of spraying herbicide on all of our soybeans the first of this week. I think most all of the beans have been sprayed by now. A lot of the beans are starting to get good height on them and are in full bloom.

Most of the wheat in my area looks to be harvested. It has been a challenge with the humid days to get it dry. Most people are upset with the length of time it took to get it out on account of the weather because they had hoped to get beans planted timely.

Most of the hay was cut and baled this last weekend, for its second cutting. It’s has not been an easy year for making hay. I hope everyone is having a great summer. See you all at the fair.