Parts of southern Indiana received another wave of rains this week. With the Ohio River predicted to rise past flood stage this week, some bottom ground will begin to flood. Soggy working conditions have kept wheat harvest at about 75 percent completed. Flooding this late in the season is rare. The good news is early yield reports are high, and an above-average yield is expected.

Hand in hand with the delay in winter wheat harvest, we are also behind in double-crop bean planting, as well. Yard and ditch mowing has been especially spotty with the rains, and my husband jokingly stated he was going to borrow the neighbor’s sheep to finish mowing this week.

Garden vegetables are coming on well. The first sweet corn is arriving on shelves and at farmers markets, along with zucchini, squash, green beans and tomatoes. The warm-yet-wet weather patterns have seen some gardeners struggling with different fungi attacking garden crops.