Another hot and humid Johnson County Fair is over — it was another scorcher! It never ceases to amaze me how hard the livestock kids work to keep their animals as comfortable as possible when they themselves are just as hot. I also want to say a huge thanks to our fair board and the endless number of volunteers it takes to make our fair truly one of the best in the state.

Also a huge thank you to the businesses and families that come out on Friday evening to support and buy livestock from the kids — it makes me proud to be a part of a community that pulls together to support the kids and 4-H program so wholeheartedly.

We received some much-needed rain last Saturday. We ended up with about six-tenths at the hog barns and are grateful for every drop. So far this month, that puts us at 1.55 inches total with only 2.65 inches in June, so still no significant subsoil moisture. We will keep being grateful for every tenth that falls.

The excessive heat and high humidity is hard on the hogs, as well. Keeping the barns at a cool, constant temperature is a full-time job. I did hear about and saw just a little bit of corn starting to roll because of the heat earlier in the week. Compared to last year, though, we are living in a lush, green wonderland. I don’t even mind having to mow the yard so often.

Tassels are appearing everywhere, and you can smell the pollen in the air. Soybeans are putting on flowers, and someone even turned in some 4-H soybeans last week with pods already. Hard to believe school starts in just a couple of weeks. We are in denial at this house — and will most likely stay that way until the night before the first day!